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Aspect #8.jpg

My new work examines the intersection of separate parallel planes.

The effect of combining layers of linear pattern results in the creation of otherwise absent visual phenomena.

On a conceptual level the horizontal plane is the visible, tangible, form based exterior world. The vertical is non-visible, separate from space and time, the private inner space.

Within this context I also reference the cycles, rhythms and patterns of life, and am interested in the way we are all uniquely affected and influenced in both visible and non-visible ways by our experiences of these. The combination of these two separate spaces creates the structure of our character and our individual experience of reality.

This work combines layers of opposing directional lines. resulting in visual effects of moiré, movement and the illusion of form. This extra element alludes to the energy that exists in this intersection between the two parallel realities we inhabit in our lives.

 My work also touches on the polarities of interior and the exterior, the personal and the collective, the present and the absent, the solid and the void. I enjoy the ability of glass to embody these dual forces through its material qualities of both solid form and invisible space. Glass has a unique ability to be both present and absent simultaneously, thus making it an ideal structure to support this delicate repetitive linear mark making, allowing the transparency and layering of pattern.

Through repeated simplicity I create complexity, energy and movement, allowing the viewer to experience the work from different perspectives and inviting reflection and contemplation.

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